Smart home solutions

Smart Home vs Home Automation – How technology has evolved

From the voice recognition to the ever-increasing usage of AI, technology continues to become part of our daily lives. At Advantage Air, we get a lot of questions about our smart products and how they work. This article will discuss these technologies and distinguish between key terms. • Click...

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How Smart Air-conditioning can improve your life!

So you are in the market for a “smart’ air conditioner and you want to improve the quality of air in your home? You most likely have plenty of questions about how to make this happen. Luckily, we have the team at AdvantageAir on hand to tackle all of...

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5 Advantages Of a Smart Home

How Advantage Air can make your home smarter

With our homes being our new office, it has made home an even more important place than it already was. Zak Khan, from Advantage Air believes, “An investment in your home is therefore an investment in your happiness” – and the good news is that it doesn’t have to...

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How do smart air conditioners work?

If you’re in the market for a ‘smart’ air conditioner, you probably have plenty of questions. This article will answer air conditioning FAQs, including: what smart air conditioning can do, how to make an air conditioner smart, how zoning system air conditioners work, how to connect an air conditioner...

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Is the wireless home automation system a good investment?

Nowadays, the wireless home automation system comes with so much developed technology that it’s simply impossible not having where to choose if you want to use to turn your house into a smart home. Thanks to IoT software development, a wireless home automation system can be life-changing. Therefore, using...

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Are you Making the Most of your MyPlace Home Hub?

Previously we have predicted that integration would be the determining factor in whether a smart product was successful or not. So far this has proven to be true with integration allowing your smart home to be as smart as it can be. Our homes are only as smart as...

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