Technical Product Data

Air conditioning guides and technical data


Description Size
MyAir Powerline 185kb
MyAir2 Installation Instructions 411kb
MyAir2 User Manual 2.1mb
MyAir2 iPhone Installer Instructions 608kb
MyAir3 Apple App Setup Guide 926kb
MyAir3 as Master (Daikin) – Cheat Sheet 305kb
MyAir3 as Master (Fujitsu) – Cheat Sheet 325kb
MyAir3 as Master (LG) – Cheat Sheet 439kb
MyAir3 as Master (Panasonic) – Cheat Sheet 425kb
MyAir3 as Master (Toshiba) – Cheat Sheet 410kb
MyAir3 Quick Installation Guide 679kb
MyAir3 User Manual 724kb
MyApp Setup Manual 833kb
Single VAV Controller 230kb
Sonic Drive damper motors 380kb
Unit Control Harness – Daikin 4.3Mb
Unit Control Harness – Fuji 317kb
Unit Control Harness – LG 286kb
Unit Control Harness – Mitsubishi 892kb
Unit Control Harness – Panasonic 852kb
Unit Control Harness – Samsung 1.9mb
Unit Control Harness – Toshiba 673kb
Zone 10.4 Instalation Instructions 110kb
Zone 10.4 Setup Manual for Apple Devices 420kb
Zone 10.4 User Manual 683kb
Zone Station 2 348kb

Diffusers and Grilles

Description Size
Airline Tech Data 1,889kb
Baby Linear Grille 318kb
Streemline Diffuser 813kb
Linear Elite Diffuser 257kb
Purtech Return Air Grille 284kb
Slimline Return Air Grille 292kb
Silhouette Diffuser 631kb


Description Size
BEAR 373kb
LEAR 327kb
FEAR 223kb
SEAR 292kb
MEAR 183kb
CEAR 174kb

Flexible Duct – ADVANTAGE AIR’S FLEXIBLE DUCTING COMPLIES WITH THE TEST REQUIREMENTS AS1530.3/UL181/AS4254.1 2012/AS4859.1, Test certificates available upon request.

Description Size
Dynaflex 186kb
Aluflex 231kb
Whispaflex 139kb
Sizing Guideline 45kb

South African Technical Manual

Description Size
Technical Data Catalogue 8.7mb