Make your Smart Home a Whole Lot Smarter: Introducing our 3 Latest MyLights Features

Are you ready to take the lighting in your home to the next level? With the leaps and bounds being seen in the smart lighting sector, MyPlace Africa have added three new features to our MyLights Smart Home Lighting System to keep your home even more smart and agile. Read on to find out more about these fantastic functions and how they can offer you more security, comfort and convenience.

We’re sure you’ve heard the “early to bed, early to rise” mantra once or twice before. Waking up with the sun is seen as the natural way to begin your day and boasts many health benefits such as higher energy levels that lead to better performance, pro-activeness and productivity. In fact, sleep scientist Bill Fish says waking with the sun allows your body to wake up gradually, in a natural process, instead of being startled out of much-needed REM sleep.

But with our busy working lives, waking up at the crack of dawn is not always realistic to achieve. So if your schedule doesn’t allow that, there are plenty of ways to stimulate the rise of the sun that can work just as effectively in gently easing you awake. So if you want to milk the morning hours but still wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day ahead, that’s where MyTime comes in.

Thanks to MyTime, you decide when it’s time to wake up. At your selected time, your bedroom lights will slowly start to fade up, until your entire room is brightly lit. So it’s like waking to the sunrise, even though your curtains are drawn. And unlike a screeching alarm clock, MyTime is completely silent, which lets you wake without disturbing the rest of the house.


Now we’ve got you up, there’s something serious we need to discuss. Unfortunately, crime is still a prominent issue here in South Africa with home burglary one of our most feared crimes according to a recent Victims of Crime Survey. With 246,654 reported home burglaries in 2016/17 alone, all efforts to overcome break-ins in this country are worth investigating.

And nothing deters burglars more than the appearance of someone being home. So for people with active lifestyles who want to make it look like they’re inside when they’re not, MyLights scheduling is the perfect solution. Allowing you to set pre-selected scenes that can run up to once a day on a timer, you choose when you would like that scene to run. So now, if you’re out of the house all day – whether it be at work, school or running errands – and won’t be home until later in the evening, you can always return to a brightly lit house.

What’s more, you can even leave your schedule running while you’re on holiday. It’s common knowledge that burglars like to strike while you’re away for extended periods of time as its leave the window of opportunity wider. But with scheduling, you can beat them at their own game by leaving selected scenes on while you’re away that make it look like you’re still at home, going about life as usual.


Speaking of safety and convenience, Sunset is another MyLights function that controls the lighting in and out of your house, so now you don’t have to. Just think – you’re on BBQ duty when the sun starts going down or you wake up from an afternoon nap to pitch black. Not only is this inconvenient for you in some scenarios, but it also opens up your home to being more vulnerable to intruders in others.

So thanks to Sunset, you don’t have to worry about either of these things because when the sun sets your lights go on automatically. And for even more accuracy, MyLights monitors the daily sunset time for your area based on postcode. The Sunset function is fully customisable, so you choose when lights come on and how brightly.

So why wait? Get smart now with MyLights. Have a chat to the team at MyPlace Africa today about installing your very own smart lighting system.