Are you making the most of your smart home? How to use the MyPlace touchscreen to its full potential

MyPlace smart home hub by Advantage Air

At the start of the year we predicted that integration would be a determining factor in whether a smart product was successful or not. So far, this has proven to be true with integration allowing your smart home to be as smart as it can be.

At its core, a smart home uses electronic networking technology to integrate various devices and appliances so that an entire home can be controlled centrally and remotely as a single machine.

This seamless integration is one the ways smart homes streamline processes and make our lives simpler. Read on to find out how our very own MyPlace system can help make your life a little easier.

Welcome to the connected home with MyPlace

MyPlace is designed to be a complete home hub. An 8-inch colour touchscreen that’s fixed to your wall, it’s permanently powered and always there when you need it. Plus, there’s the option to upgrade from the 8-inch to the 10-inch, making everything larger and easier to use.

Then, thanks to the app you can control the system from anywhere at anytime. This app allows most smartphones or tablets to become a wireless remote control, working from any place your device has an internet connection.

And like all the best tablets, MyPlace is simple and intuitive to use. The entire system is designed to be technophobe-friendly – we’ve even included a Help button in the unlikely event you need it.

But probably the most exciting benefit is that is can easily integrate MyAir and MyLights onto the same system for your convenience. Because they’re both made by MyPlace Africa, they work off the same touchscreen and apps – not to mention there’s also a range of other useful features.


MyAir can control up to 4 AC units. It doesn’t matter if the units are all different makes as MyAir is compatible with all the leading brands. Each unit is displayed on the home screen, so you can see the status of each unit at a glance.

The home screen gives you an overview of the AC status, displaying all the essentials: whether the system is on or off, set to heating or cooling, the set temperature and fan speed.

Then, you can tap through to the zones to fine-tune the airflow to every room. When you tap on zones, every room is the house will be displayed. You can increase the airflow to any room by tapping the + or – button next to it.

Myplace MyAir Mode Screen MyPlace Mult AC Unit Control Screen

Scheduling & Timers

Your AC units can also be scheduled to start and stop by entering a “Plan” on the Plans screen. Any plan will apply to all units on the relevant MyAir system, i..e turn them all on/off at the designated time.

There are 10 plans available to set and each plan can run once per day, or any day of the week. However, for situations where you only want one or some of the units to turn on or off, you can use the time function for each unit to achieve this. (Note: setting a timer is a one-off event and doesn’t automatically repeat.)


On your touchscreen, you’ll also notice one room has a dark grey thermometer symbol next to it. This indicates it has been selected as the MyZone, the room that acts as a thermostat for the system.

This can be any room with an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor and gives you more choice and control over how you run your AC. For example, it would be a good idea to select the hottest room in your home as MyZone in the summer to ensure optimum comfort.


The whole point of smart lighting is to make life easier, so we’ve made sure that MyLights is simple and intuitive to use. Simply tap on the room you want to change the light setting of and enjoy the comfort.

Then, to adjust the light level for an individual light or group of lights, gently tap the + or – icon. You’ll see that the yellow bar visually represents the brightness level.

MyLights Groups screen

Our intuitive navigation has 4 main sections:

Home: These are the buttons which are most commonly used on your device. The intuitive home system will automatically include them for you. It also shows you the master scenes as well as MyTime.

Groups: These are the groups of lights, e.g. an open plan living area could have a dining group, a kitchen group and a living group, or they can all be in the same group. You can set groups yourself and your MyPlace will remember.

Scenes: These are light settings, e.g. ‘Movie Night’ where you have most of the living area light dimmed or ‘Sleep Tight’ where the children’s roms are dimmed to allow them to go to sleep but still have some light in the room.

Help: Simply tap the help button if assistance is required at any point in time.

Some other functions include:

  • MyWelcome: This function turns on your selection of lights for when you first arrive home. This can be done remotely and can be edited yourself.
  • MyGoodbye: This function turns all the lights off when you leave and can be edited yourself.
  • MyEco: This function automatically dims all lights just a little to save power and slash energy bills.
  • Sunset: This function turns on your preferred lights when the sun sets. It uses your postcode to determine the time of sunset each day.
  • MyTime: This is an alarm clock function that gently rouses you from sleep by slowly turning on the lights in your bedroom.

Home entertainment

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – it does! MyPlace also does double duty as an Android home hub. With the touch of the Android icon it switches to your other apps where you can:

  • Check the weather
  • Organise the family calendar
  • Email
  • Play music
  • Order groceries
  • Google recipes
  • Go on Facebook
  • Pay bills
  • + So much more!

This is so important as daily life migrates online and having a dedicated tablet for the home makes running your household a lot easier.

So what are you waiting for? Have integration at the touch of your fingertips with MyPlace. Contact MyPlace Africa today.