MyAir – The ultimate solution to temperature control

Your home is where you should feel the most relaxed and comfortable.

This is why smart home technologies have risen in popularity in recent years.

These technologies can help you ensure that your home offers the best and most relaxed living experience.

Managing the temperature

One of the most valuable types of smart home technologies is temperature control.

Studies have shown that the temperature of your home can have a significant impact on your mood and emotional wellbeing.

Good weather conditions and temperature regulation have been proven to lessen this negative impact and get you in a better frame of mind.

Research has also found that excessive heat can result in increased aggression and conflict between people.

This shows that a smart home temperature regulation system can provide tangible benefits to you and your family’s emotional health.

Advantage Air

Advantage Air has therefore placed a major focus on developing a smart air regulation system that helps keep your home at the perfect temperature.

Its team of highly-qualified engineers has invested a lot of time to ensure that its air management solution offers the best possible experience to you and your family.

MyAir allows you to control up to 10 zones in your home.

This can be accessed through a high-quality, Wi-Fi connected 8-inch tablet, or through the MyAir app.

The app allows you to control your air conditioner and other elements within your home from anywhere and at any time.

The system also offers a plethora of automation options – including the ability to schedule when your air conditioners should turn on and off.

This means you don’t have to be at home or even active on the app to ensure that your home is being regulated in accordance with your preferences.

For example, if you usually arrive home from work at 17:00, you can set your air conditioners to turn on automatically at 16:30.

By the time you arrive home, the temperature in your house will be perfect.

Support multiple air conditioners across brands

MyAir allows you to control up to four ducted air-conditioning units through its MyAir application.

These air conditioners do not need to be of the same brand, either, as MyAir is compatible with all the leading brands on the market.

Whether you’re looking to keep your home warm during the winter or cool during summer – MyAir is your partner in keeping your home at the perfect temperature.

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