MyLights: Efficiency at the touch of a button

Fact: People buy smart lights for energy efficiency. And with the constant cloud of doubt surrounding our country’s sole electricity producer Eskom, watching our backs and our bills is a top priority. So to see further savings, many South Africans are making the switch to smart lighting.

Smart lighting systems can deliver you the energy savings you’ve been looking for. They work hard behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of your home and MyLights by MyPlace Africa is no exception.

We’ve unlocked the secret to saving money on your Eskom bill thanks to MyLights – and you won’t even notice the difference! Our system works hard (and then a little bit harder) to make sure you’re getting the most out of your LED lights and that no electricity is going to waste.

Read on to find out how.

Switching to LEDs = Constantly lower energy bills

We’ve discussed the benefits of LEDs on our blog before because we simply cannot get enough of them! LEDs are by far the most energy efficient way to light your home. For starters, they’re 80-90% more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts.

While incandescents lose 80-90% of their energy as heat (which also means they’re only 10-20% efficient), LEDs are packed with efficient energy and only need about half the amount of electricity to run.

So with their significantly reduced energy consumption, if you fit your entire house out with LED lights instead of generic halogens, you’ll find it’s a worthwhile investment down the track.

Here’s an example of a home with 60 lights running for 1.5 hours each day. Just look at the significant difference between LEDs and halogens:

MyLights Annual Cost Savings

Dimming lights = Brightening savings

Did you know that when you turn down your lights to half of their illumination capacity that you’re consuming virtually zero power? With the ability to turn down your lights using a simple 10 to 100% scale, our MyLights technology will save you money in the long run.

This table shows just how much you can expect to save using the dimming function on the MyLights app:

Mylights LED Cost Savings


Unlocking the power of MyEco

We’d like you scroll up and look back at the first graph. While there’s a dramatic difference in annual household lighting costs between halogens and LEDs, did you notice the third option? That’s our MyEco feature and it gives you an even tighter grip over your household energy usage.

MyEco automatically dims all the lights in your home from 100% to 80% brightness, an almost imperceptible difference in brightness. What you will notice however, is the drop in your Eskom bill. All you have to do is look for this button on your MyPlace touchscreen:

MyEco button

Ready to get more energy efficient? Have a chat to MyPlace Africa about installing your very own MyLights smart lighting system.