Why MyLights shines:

Competitively priced smart home system

With Advantage Air’s MyLights technology, connecting your home with smart systems are no longer considered a luxury. MyLights will cost you significantly less than other smart home systems that are available on the market today. What’s more, MyLights is incredibly energy efficient, saving you money despite the neverending Eskom tariff increases.

Safety and comfort

Want to stop fumbling for your keys in the dark when you get home from work, or wondering what that noise is near the bushes? With Mylights you can walk into a brightly lit home by turning your lights on remotely from your car. With MyLights you can take comfort in being able to control your home lighting system from any location, so that if you are on holiday or out of the house for an extended period of time, it can look like you are still home from the outside. And don’t worry about energy consumption, with MyLights LED halogen lights, you are already saving up to 80% on your energy bill.


User friendly

Unlike some new technologies which require a comprehensive user manual, MyLights is incredibly intuitive. You won’t need a tech expert to help you set up the system, you will be able to do it all yourself. Between the 8-inch MyPlace control hub and the downloadable smartphone and tablet app, you can control your lighting system remotely from any location. If that’s not user friendly then we don’t know what is!

Control your lights from one central portal

The MyLights touchscreen control panel was purposely built to be able to effortlessly integrate with other Advantage Air technologies, such as our MyAir air conditioning system, so that you can control your home lighting and your aircon from one central hub.

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Adjust your lights to suit your mood

Setting the mood in your home with MyLights. Turn down the lights to transform your bathroom into a spa retreat or dim your dining table overheads to create a cosy dinner party. MyLights can also be used for your backyard and outdoor living spaces, with light brightness being completely adjustable with a simple to use scale.

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Superior safety

We all know that sinking feeling when we hear things moving in the dark. Now with MyLights you can turn on every single light in your home, or outside, with a simple tap of your finger while you are still in your bedroom. If you need to hop out of bed to satisfy your unease, you will feel much safer in an illuminated home.

Bright ‘Welcome’. Quick ‘Goodbye’

On the MyLights app, you can configure your system to have a ‘MyWelcome’ button, which instantly activates your pre-determine preferences for the lights you want on when you get home. Similarly, the ‘MyGoodbye’ button switches off your pre-selected lights when you are ready to leave the house.

Be seen in your best light

Advantage Air’s MyLights technology comes with a choice of LED white light options so you can choose the hew of lighting that you prefer for your home. Would you rather have a clean crisp bright light or a warm cosy glow? With MyLights you can customise your lighting to suite you.

With MyLights the lights themselves sit flush with the ceiling for a seamless look and they are available in modern and stylish finishes: white or brushed steel. The same light fittings can be used inside your home and in your outdoor living space, as long as your outdoor area is protected by a patio or pergola.


Power savings through dimming

Did you know that when you turn down your lights to half of their illumination capacity, that you are consuming virtually zero power? With the ability to turn down your lights using a simple 10 to 100% scale, the MyLights technology will save you money in the long runl. The table below shows how much you can expect to save using the dimming function on the MyLights App:

Cost figures in the above table and on the bar graph on the right are based on a home with 60 LED lights running for 1.5 hours per day

LED lights vs Halogen lights

In most cases, LED lights functioning at 100% brightness, are significantly more energy efficient than halogen lights. For example, let’s take a home with 60 lights that run for 1.5 hours each day. The table below shows you the savings:



To supplement the savings that you can expect by using LED lights over halogen lights, use the Advantage Air MyEco function. MyEco automatically dims all of the lights in your home from 100% to 80% brightness, an almost imperceptible difference in brightness. What you will notice however is the drop in your Eskom bill.


For Builders

Are you in the process of a new home build?

MyLights can be easily installed when homes are in the construction process. If you are building a two storey home however, MyLights must be installed prior to the second floors slab being laid.

How MyLights works

Integrate the technology in your home with MyAir

The ability to add MyAir

At Advantage Air we have paid specific attention to designing management systems that completely integrate with one another. This means that MyLights, has the option of connecting with our MyAir system as well, all off the MyPlace control hub or on the app.

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