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  • Compatible with leading air conditioning brands
  • High quality, wifi connected 8-inch tablet
  • User friendly interface
  • MyAir can be downloaded as an app for smartphones
  • Can come with temperature sensors
  • Can come with energy-saving motion sensors


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MyAir5: the newest version of MyAir

MyAir5 is the latest version of Advantage Air’s premium air conditioning management system, MyAir. Simply by installing the app on your smart device, home owners can remotely control their reverse cycle air con system from any location, worldwide. What’s more, if you install Advantage Air’s Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensors, your air conditioning system will be able to adjust the airflow to each room of your home for you, now that’s total comfort.

MyAir5 gives you complete flexibility over choosing which air con system is right for you by being compatible with all of the major air conditioning brands. To top of the latest technology in air conditioning, MyAir5 doubles as an Android tablet and the system can be fully integrated with MyLights, our smart home lighting system.

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MyPlacethe only tablet you need

As our everyday lives drift further and further online, we have come to expect a superior level of convenience. That is what Advantage Air gives you with MyPlace – the dedicated device for controlling your smart home lighting system and your air conditioning system. On top of managing MyLights and MyAir, the MyPlace tablet can be used like any other internet connected smart device, all from the one central hub in your home.

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Meet the control hub for MyAir

This simplistic and intuitive 8-inch smart device will manage your home’s entire air conditioning system, all with a tap of your finger. When you’re not controlling your MyAir system, how about paying those bills or catching up on your emails? With MyAir’s dedicated tablet, you can do this and more!

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Download the App for superior control

The Advantage Air MyAir technology comes with its own app that can be installed onto smartphones or tablets, effectively transforming the devices into smart home remote controls. This means that when you’re not home, you can control the MyAir system remotely. The MyAir app is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems.

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Integrates with major air-conditioning brands

The MyAir air conditioning management system is completely compatible with world leading air conditioning brands, including Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Carrier Midea. From the MyAir screen you can control the brands air conditioning system and the flow of air all from the one system.

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Precision airflow for maximum comfort

With the MyAir technology you can also control how much air each zone in your home receives with the Exact Air Regulator (EAR), one of our latest patented technologies. The EAR technology, which has typically only been used for commercial developments due to its capabilities, will allow you to control the airflow of any room in your home from 5% to 100%.

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Additional option of temperature sensors

For even further control of the temperature that each zone in your home receives, you install an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor and the system will automatically adjust the airflow to maintain your temperature. The ITC sensor will automatically modify the air conditioning air flow so that the temperature you have pre-selected is maintained. To get the most out of the Temperature Control sensor, the system is most effective in rooms that face west and that are upstairs as they tend to rise in temperature much quicker than other areas of the home.

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Additional upgrade to motion sensors

When you install motions sensors in your home to be used in conjunction with your air conditioning system, the sensor will detect when a room has been unoccupied for 10 minutes and will drop the temperature by 1 degree. After an additional 10 minutes, the temperature will drop by 2 degrees. While this adjustment may seem insignificant, it actually cuts down the room’s energy consumption by 20%. What’s more, once the motion sensors detect motion in the room, the system will return the air conditioning to the original temperature.

Integrate your home fully with MyLights

Compatible with MyLights

Our air conditioning management system is designed to integrate with our MyLights smart home lighting system so both Myair and MyLights will function on the MyPlace control hub or the downloadable app.

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