Smart control, competitive price

  • App that turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control
  • Capable of adjusting the airflow to any room in your home
  • 10 independent zones for unparalleled control
  • Pre-selected constant zone for energy savings
  • Use friendly app interface
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Optional Zone10e app

With an Advantage Air air conditioning system, the Zone10e app will transform most Android and Apple smartphones and/or tablets into a smart home remote controls. The Zone10e app connects to your Wi-Fi and you can remotely access each room connected to the
Zone10e control panel, from any location.

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10 zones for total control

Think about it this way, if your average home has 10 rooms yet only four people are home at a given time all occupying different rooms, your traditional air conditioning system must be turned on to to service the entire house, even if only a few rooms are actually being used. With the Zone10e technology, each room in your home is controlled separately and you can control which receive air conditioning. This means that there is no paying for air conditioning for unoccupied rooms.

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Control the airflow for ultimate comfort

With Zone10e you also control how much air each zone in your home receives with Advantage Air’s leading patented technology, the Exact Air Regulator (EAR). The Exact Air Regulator, usually exclusively available for commercial high rise buildings, will allow you to modify the airflow to any room on a scale between 5 to 100%. Unlike standard air conditioning systems that have a single hinged pivot door in the damper, the EAR has a series of double doors that can open and close in 5% increments, making controlling your airflow as precise as possible