The smart home

The Smart Home: South Africa Ready to Embrace the Latest Technologies

In this fast-paced, constantly switched on world, systems that simplify or completely remove complications from our lives are becoming increasingly attractive. So it’s no surprise the next technological trend to gain traction in South Africa is the fully integrated, fully connected smart home.

Much like other smart products, such as the smartphone and smart TV, smart homes aim to make everyday tasks less time consuming and less complex for the user. Imagine an intuitive home that seemingly senses your needs, where everything in the home from your entertainment, to your lighting system, to your security and even your air conditioning can be controlled and monitored on the one centralised system.

Thanks to Advantage Air, the act of switching on your lights or turning up your heating and cooling can be done with the push of a few buttons. Smart home technologies have paved the way for the development of all-inclusive systems in which your home can easily be controlled electronically – essentially creating an ‘umbrella’ for all your smart home needs.

Check out what we’ve identified as one of the latest smart technology trends to take South Africa by storm in recent years and see if it matches your own observations.
The Push for an Integrated Home

There’s no denying the demand for smart home technology is increasing. As more and more local homeowners embrace the growing trend to install the latest cutting edge technology solutions, we’re seeing the smart home take off here in South Africa.

One of the most popular smart home trends is having a single integrated system that can be easily controlled from a centralised tablet, smartphone or remote control. We want to be able to live a simpler, more easily organised life, which is why connectivity is becoming so popular and smart homes are quickly becoming the norm.

To get the most out of your smart home products and activate all of the functions, all you have to do is connect to the Internet. This adds great value to people’s lives as they can control everything from their pocket. It also provides peace of mind with added security features, remote access and energy efficiency in an era where consumers are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious.
Smarten Your Home with Advantage Air

At Advantage Air South Africa, we understand your need for fully integrated smart home products that essentially allow your home to run itself. That’s why MyPlace allows your reverse cycle air-conditioning and LED smart lights to run on the same network.

The 8-inch Internet smart home control panel is a dedicated tablet for the home. In addition to controlling MyAir and MyLights, the MyPlace touchscreen doubles as an Android tablet that lets you keep track of your family’s calendar, check emails, order groceries, play music, pay bills and much more.

For additional control, we have also developed the MyPlace app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, allowing you to control your air-conditioning and lighting systems even when you’re not at home, or on the other side of the world! Life just got a whole lot easier with Advantage Air.

Do you agree that the smart home is the way of the future? If you’re interested in future proofing your own home by installing a smart air-conditioning and/or LED lighting system, find out more about our smart home technology by getting in touch with Advantage Air South Africa today.