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Advantage Air

Advantage Air is a manufacturing company based in South African and Australia. We have been manufacturing for the past 30 years primarily in the air-conditioning componentry industry. 16 years ago we began developing control systems for air-conditioning systems in homes. We have grown that team to 12 full time (considering how smart they are, probably highly underpaid!) engineers. They have innovated our control systems into the App age and the world of smart phones.

Our multiple patents, registered designs and awards are testament to the quality of our products. This success has meant 6 years ago we began the process of looking at Home Automation and seeing if there was a way we could make it simpler, easier and more reliable for people to install and use.

We have brought out a number of iterations of our products, as we continually find ways to control new aspects of our homes and make our products more affordable, while still keeping the reliability and simplicity of our products.

At the moment, between South Africa and Australia, we manufacture and sell on average 20000 systems a year, and we hope that our efforts are changing the way people live and making their lives a little more magnificent each year.

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