5 Advantages Of a Smart Home

How Advantage Air can make your home smarter

With our homes being our new office, it has made home an even more important place than it already was.
Zak Khan, from Advantage Air believes, “An investment in your home is therefore an investment in your happiness” – and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive!

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Advantage Air is a smart home technology provider that is dedicated to making your home as comfortable as possible without breaking your budget.

Developing the best technologies

Advantage Air installs 20,000 smart home systems per year, which shows how popular and successful their smart solutions are.

Key to this success is their investment into research and development, as this helps them to provide cutting-edge solutions to the home user at an affordable price.

Additionally, all of Advantage Air’s products are designed in-house by its team of 12 research and development engineers in Australia.

“Our ingenious engineers have developed numerous industry firsts and earned us several patents, registered designs, and design awards in the process,” said Advantage Air.

Advantage Air is not only focused on innovation, however – they also want their products to be reliable.

To this end, the company aims for an average of just 2% warranty claims per year and has been successful in this endeavour.
This is impressive given the company offers 5-year warranties on all its electronic controls.

Get started on your Smart Home today

If you’d like to transform your house into a Smart Home, look no further than Advantage Air’s MyPlace Smart Home Starter Pack.

This solution makes smart technology affordable by working with the items you already have in your home – from lights to pool pumps.

As part of this starter pack, you get a wired-in tablet, a control box, and a connection box for six circuits.

This means you can control up to six elements in your home.

You can add more circuits and products at any time, and the MyPlace App allows you to control and schedule tasks from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

This makes it quick and easy to control your Smart Home with the tap of a finger.

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